Top Ten Popular Home Styles in the U.S.

1. Prairie  School- Originated in U.S. designed to blend in with the flat Midwestern landscape. Image

2. Victorian/Queen Anne dominant style homes from 1880- 1910. Image

3. Cape Cod -stone was lacked during this period and wood was in abundance hence, Cape Cod. Image

4. Art Deco- art deco design begin in 1925. Image

5. Craftsman Bungalow- the arts and crafts movement was under way in 1880’s . Image

6. Ranch House- first built in U.S. Image

7. Spanish Eclectic- design features Spain and Italy. Image

8. Tudor Revival- period in Great Britian between the late 15th century and early 17th century. Image

9. Colonial- easy to spot by its symmetrical facade and brick siding. Image

10. Contemporary- reflect older styles and designed to reflect today’s lifestyles. Image


One Response to “Top Ten Popular Home Styles in the U.S.”
  1. Kenny says:

    I did not realize there were so many different styles

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